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Zioxi Concepts is a company specialized in storage, charging, synchronization and security solutions for smartphones, laptops and tablets in schools, libraries, offices and clinics. The … Read more
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Zioxi Concepts is a company specialized in storage, charging, synchronization and security solutions for smartphones, laptops and tablets in schools, libraries, offices and clinics. The Zioxi products are made in England and meet the highest quality requirements.

Computers are increasingly being used in education and office environments. Unsecured (All In One) PCs in the office or other workplaces are an increasing problem in connection with theft. Not only is there a risk of (occasional) theft, but also all sensitive information that is present on the PCs. Zioxi Concepts has the solution in the form of the M1 and P1 pop-up monitor tables.

The Zioxi P1 Pop-Up IT desk is suitable for safely storing 1 to 3 All-In-One PCs. to beat. Pressing a button raises the All-In-One PC or monitor. In the case of a monitor with a separate PC, it is also possible to hang the PC securely on the desk. The mechanism is protected against collision.

Optionally available is also the Zioxi onView smartControl option. Manage the Zioxi products in the Cloud from one central location. Get instant insight into which desks are in use or still open, receive reports and updates and program a large amount of rules.

The difference between the M1 and P1 Pop-Up tables is that the P1 is electrically the table comes up and the M1 with a spring by pressing the valve. In combination with the Onview system, the P1 tables can therefore also be operated remotely (up/down).

P1 Computer tables

The Zioxi P1 Pop-Up computer tables have a built-in space for an All-In-One PC or monitor. At the touch of a button, the screen slowly pops up and can just as easily disappear back in so that everything is stored out of sight. Ideal against theft, but also if the space on the desk needs to be used.

In the case of a monitor with a separate PC, it is also possible to hang the PC securely on the desk. There is also space under the monitor to store a keyboard and mouse. Optionally, it is still possible to provide the desks with an extra power point with USB port per workplace.

The pop-up ICT desk is available for 1, 2 or 3 workstations. In addition, they are available in different sizes and in various colors. Customization is also possible. The monitor or All-In-One PC is mounted using VESA 100. Different sizes are possible. Please contact us for this. Both the height and the viewing angle of the screen can be adjusted.

The standard height is 74 cm. The depth of the desk is 67 or 75 cm. The width is for:

  • Single desk: 70, 80 or 100 (surcharge) cm
  • Double desk: 140 or 160 cm
  • < li>Tripel desk: 210 or 240 cm

You can indicate your preference when requesting a quote.


The Zioxi onView smartControl option is a Cloud-based platform where all Zioxi devices with onView can be managed in different places from one central location. If you order a tablet cart with onView, a 3-year subscription is included in the price as standard. After the end of this subscription, it can be extended per year for approximately 30 Euro excl. VAT/year. The language can be set to Dutch. The cart with onView is equipped with a screen and 4 recessed buttons where the most used functions can be set. Call us for an appointment for an online demonstration. The following features are available with onView (for 16, 20 and 32):

  • Smart Charge - it monitors the charging of mobile devices until it detects that the devices are fully charged, and switches then cut power to the individual chargers to save energy and extend device battery life.
  • Green Charge - automatically starts Smart Charge at the time of minimum CO2 electricity generation through integration with the National Electricity Grids. Charging is automatically scheduled at the optimal time twice every 24 hours, once at night and once during the day.
  • Timed charging - to set charging for a user-defined time
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  • Automatic charging - Smart & Timed charging can be automatically scheduled whenever you want using a 24/7 web-based schedule stored on the charging trolleys
  • Device count - at the start of Smart & Green charge cycles determines and reports to the onView system how much mobile devices are being charged
  • Door Lock Sensors - the open/closed status of locks is continuously monitored and reported
  • Temperature - the Battery life of a mobile device is temperature dependent. The temperature measured at the top of the electrical compartment is continuously monitored and managed through user-definable settings and alerts. Power is cut off in case of overheating.
  • Custom rules - allows users (and zioxi staff if you need help) to set up alerts and rule-driven actions to support trolley management, including notifications for charging completion, number of devices being charged, doors unlocked at the end of the day or opened outside office hours, AC power disconnected and much more.
  • Live View - provides real -time status information with each trolley displayed on a choice of map, list and tile views, including state of charge, power consumption, temperature and location.
  • Reports - provide historical information on charging duration and times , the number of charged devices, power consumption, temperature, a chronology of activity and more.
  • Updates - the local trolley software is regularly updated via automatic "wireless" updates.
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    For more information: ZIOXI onView smartControl

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