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The aXtion Pro Medical secure case for the Surface Go has been specifically developed for medical environments where the case must be cleaned regularly and … Read more
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The aXtion Pro Medical secure case for the Surface Go has been specifically developed for medical environments where the case must be cleaned regularly and bacterial and fungal growth must be prevented. The properties of the Pro Medical case:
  • Built with antimicrobial to help prevent bacteria and fungus from growing
  • IP68 waterproof rating - certified to withstand underwater underwater at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
  • MIL-STD-810G tested to withstand repeated drops from 120cm high
  • SmartCool ™ Heat Dissipating Membrane - designed to dissipate heat while leaving waterproof functionality intact
  • MagConnect - on the enclosed MagConnect plate, a tablet can be connected to one of the Joy Factory mounts
  • VESA 100 compatible - the case can be mounted on any VESA100 compatible connector
  • Built-in heavy duty screen protector - including antimicrobial to prevent the spread of bacteria and fungus
  • Optional shoulder strap, carrying strap and carrying handle - these optional accessories expand what you can do with your tablet on the go
  • Kensington® Lock Compatibility - Tablet Theft Prevention (Cable Lock Sold Separately)

aXtion Pro MPA MEDICAL protective cover for Surface Go

The aXtion Pro MPA is a rugged protective cover for the Surface Go. It is military certified cover (MIL-STD-810G) resistant to repeated drop tests up to 1.20 cm high. It also features waterproof protection with an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to 3 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This Surface Go tough case has added an antimicrobial to the raw material in the case, which helps prevent bacteria and mold growth.

This Surface Go Medical grade enclosure can be used with the Joy Factory mounts for use in hospital emergency rooms, clinics, doctor's offices and other medical facilities and emergency vehicles. For ergonomic positioning, the case can be paired with a MagConnect tablet mount to keep the user hands-free. The tablet also has a permanent place. Other mobile hands-free options include shoulder strap and handle. These additional accessories help to provide a hands-free and safe working environment. From first responders in the field to nurses performing rounds, these accessories help bridge the gap between the tablet and the environment.

For areas that require additional tablet security is required, this aXtion Pro MPA MEDICAL rugged enclosure for the Microsoft Surface GO has a built-in Kensington lock port. Simply attach a locking cable, an optional accessory, to an immovable object, then attach the lock to the locking port.

Although the housing is designed to prevent bacterial growth In healthcare, the requirement to be cleaned several times a day is a necessity. The protective cover has been tested and proven to work well with Cavi wipes and Sani-Cloth for the regular cleaning requirements required in healthcare facilities and environments.

More information about this cover on the website of: The Joy Factory


The MagConnect mounting system consists of dozens of supports and arms to which the aXtion Bold protective covers can be attached. There is a magnet and screw at the end of the arm or support. The magnet clicks onto the round metal plate that is incorporated in the protective cover. The protective cover can then be fastened with the screw.

The extensive range of adjustable carbon fiber mounts is designed to support specific tablets such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini 4 and Surface Pro 3 and 4. For other tablets, the universal MagConnect tablet module is designed so that you can build a system adapted to your exact needs and requirements.

1. IonPure ® Antimicrobial Additive Agent
2. ThermoDefend Heat Dissipating Technology Pad
3. Silicone, Adjustable Hand Strap
4. Rotating Multi-Angle and Non-Slip Kickstand | Carrying and Hanging Handle
5. MagConnect Mount Adapter
6. VESA 100 Compatible
7. Universal Shoulder Strap Port
8. Port and Headphone Jack Cover
9. Built-In Heavy-Duty Screen Protector with Antimicrobial Coating
10. Front and Rear Facing Camera Lens Covers
11. Security Lock Port
12. Molded-In Buttons

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