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SEDISO LOCTAB MODULAR TABLET SECURITY The LocTab modular system consists of 3 different cassettes for 7-8 inch tablets, 9-11 inch tablets and 12-13 inch tablets. … Read more
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The LocTab modular system consists of 3 different cassettes for 7-8 inch tablets, 9-11 inch tablets and 12-13 inch tablets. This universal cassette becomes a tailor-made solution by means of a fit kit. The fit kit consists of 4 rubber corners and a front plate with or without cutouts for the camera and Home button.

The cassette can then be used as a tablet wall mount, tablet table stand or tablet floor stand. The advantage is obvious; when you want to use a new tablet, you only need to buy a new fit kit.

The LocTab cassette can be locked using a supplied lock with 2 keys. The cassette itself is made of polycarbonate and the front plate of painted steel. The cassette has a Kensington slot. The fit kit consists of rubber corners and a white acrylic passepartout. The tubes are made of painted aluminum.

The charging cable can be completely hidden from view. A number of accessories are available such as a landscape - portrait rotation unit and a 270 degree rotation unit and base plate for the table stand.


The Sediso LocTab table stand and wall mount 45 degrees for Lenovo tablets can be mounted on the wall or on a table . The 45-degree viewing angle invites interaction.

It is possible to provide the Sediso LocTab 45 degrees with a portrait to landscape rotation option, a freestanding base for the table stand or a 270 degree rotation for an additional charge. possibility for the table stand (only possible with mounting through the surface).

The Sediso LocTab wall mount 45 degrees is suitable for the following tablets:

  • Lenovo Miix 320
  • Lenovo Tab 2/3 A10 and E10
  • Lenovo Tab 4 10 and 10 plus
  • Lenovo Tab M10 and P10


The Sediso LocTab Lenovo tablet table stand and wall mount 45 degrees comes with 2 keys with which the cassette can be opened and closed easily and quickly. The Lenovo tablet is safely stored in the cassette. In addition, the cassette is equipped with a Kensington slot so that it can be additionally secured by securing it with a Kensington cable. Image with wall mounting.


The LocTab wall mount has a sleek and simple design that focuses attention on the content of the tablet. The fit-kit plate is white compared to the image where it is black.

It is possible to have a logo or other images printed on the front plate. If you wish to make use of this, please contact us (from 25 pieces). Image of wall mounting.


The LocTab Lenovo table stand and wall mount comes with mounting materials to be mounted both through and on the surface. The thickness of the surface must be between 2 cm and 5 cm for mounting through the surface. Otherwise the supplied wall mounting unit (top mount) can be used .

When mounting on the surface, it is possible to let the cable come out through the surface or through a recess in the foot to .

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