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The FUYL Tower is an intelligent asset management system with a central electronic access control panel that can store, charge and secure mobile devices.The tower … Read more
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The FUYL Tower is an intelligent asset management system with a central electronic access control panel that can store, charge and secure mobile devices.
The tower has 15 individually secured lockers. Each locker has a power socket with built-in circuit protection and a 5V USB charging port suitable for 2.4A charging current.

Users of the system provide a 4-digit PIN code or a compatible RFID card to lock and unlock the locker. Tampering is detected by the system and will issue an alert to administrators.

The central electronic control panel has the administrator mode of the keypad using an RFID administrator card or an 8-digit pin .
Using a wired or wireless local area network, administrators can remotely connect to the FUYL Tower control panel to access the FUYL Tower administration portal for more advanced administrative settings and features.

To manage multiple FUYL towers, there is a FUYL Tower Cloud management portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet using the highly secure Cloud services. A subscription is required for this.


The LocknCharge FUYL Tower 15 locker has 15 compartments, each of which can be locked individually. The entire locker is made of welded and riveted steel. The FUYL Tower 15 comes with 4 adjustable legs with which the cabinet can be leveled and a wall bracket to securely attach it to the wall.

Firmware updates are (automatically) installed via the management software so that the FUYL Tower 15 is always secure and up to date. An open API is used so that administrators can adjust the rules via the LocknCharge Developer Portal so that the FUYL Tower 15 is optimally suited for their organization. For example, days and times can be entered when the FUYL Tower 15 cannot be opened.

The FUYL Tower 15 can be set with 2 functions:

1) BYOD: the locker is set up as a BOYD locker (Bring Your Own Device) whereby the lockers are (temporarily) put into use by a PIN code or RFID card of a user to be determined by the user. The locker compartments are closed with an individual PIN code or with a (universal) RFID card. The administrator has a master key with which the FUYL Tower can be operated; individual compartments can be unlocked, for example, if someone has forgotten the PIN code.

2) Automated issue and return system: the devices in the lockers are temporarily issued to users. For example, the RFID card can be used to track which user is using a device and whether this device has been returned. There are countless variants conceivable on this; see the LocknCharge video for this.


The LocknCharge FUYL Tower 15 has its own socket in each compartment and a USB port (2, 4A) available. It can therefore be used for any type of device.

The FUYL Tower is equipped with overvoltage protection so that the devices that are charged in the compartments are protected. Ventilation grilles at the rear provide sufficient passive ventilation to prevent overheating.


The FUYL Tower is connected to the network via ethernet or WiFi so that the FUYL Tower(s) 15 can be accessed via the management software. Via this software it is possible to see which compartments have been used, how often and for how long and compartments can be opened remotely. All administrator actions can also be performed directly via the screen on the FUYL Tower 15. Reports are available for analysis of usage in Excel.

Via an optionally available network kit, the FUYL Tower can be provided with network cabling so that the administrator has access to any device connected to a network cable in the FUYL Tower. In this way an image or update can be placed on the connected laptops or data can be retrieved from the laptops.

The FUYL Tower 15 supports 95% of the available RFID solutions including HID and MiFare: (MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® 0.6, MIFARE DESFire EV1, HID: iCLASS® Standard/SE/SR/Seos; PIV II, Secure Identity Object< sup>® (SIO®).

To use the advanced options, a subscription to the LocknCharge cloud service is required.


The 15 compartments measure 43.8d x 36.5w x 7.3h cm, which is sufficient for almost all tablets, laptops, netbooks and Chromebooks up to 15.8". Each compartment is equipped with a hard plexiglass window and lighting so that users can see what is inside. In addition, cover plates are included so that this is no longer possible. The cabinet itself is 47.8d x 52 ,3w x 170h cm and weighs 88 kg.

An additional compartment at the bottom is ideal for placing a UPS, switch or other devices.

Read more about this in the blog.

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