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LEBA has been making innovative solutions for education for over 10 years and is fully dedicated to the design and production of laptop and tablet … Read more
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LEBA has been making innovative solutions for education for over 10 years and is fully dedicated to the design and production of laptop and tablet carts, lockers and trolleys specifically for education. These laptop carts are designed in Denmark and produced in the EU.

The NoteCart UniFit 12 has been specifically developed for laptops and Chromebooks from 13 to 17 inches. The shelf size of the NoteCart UniFit with fixed shelves is 54w x 39d x 5.5h cm. The NoteCart UniFit is equipped with 1 fan for cooling the notebook compartment.

A timer and wall bracket to secure the laptop cart are optionally available. Handles on both sides and the 4 independently rotating and bearing-mounted wheels make maneuvering the laptop cart easy. 2 of the wheels can be put on the brakes.

The Leba NoteCart UniFit 16 is equipped with intelligent power management technology that ensures that the fuses do not blow when the cart is connected to the socket.< /p>

The NoteCart Unifit 12 is available with 12 fixed shelves. The shelves are large enough to store virtually all types of laptops up to 17 inches. This version has been specifically developed for laptops larger than 13 inches because of the available space on one shelf.

The NoteCart UniFit line was developed in collaboration with educational institutions. This line provides for the 3 basic needs, namely storage, charging and transport of laptops in schools.


NoteCart UniFit 12 with fixed shelves for 12 laptops from 13 inch with dimensions 106h x 80w x 62d cm and 76 kg in weight

The shelf size of the NoteCart UniFit with fixed shelves is 53w x 39d x 5.5h cm.

The top of the laptop cart is equipped with an edge and rubber mat so that it is suitable for placing a projector, printer, laptop or other accessory.


The laptops are charged using the laptops own adapters laptops. These are placed on separately accessible shelves behind the compartments via a separately accessible door with a cylinder lock at the rear. The adapters are connected to the existing sockets. The charging cables are led to the laptops. The cart can be loaded with 10A and 2300 Watt. A fan ensures that sufficient cooling takes place so that the temperature in the cart does not rise too high.

A timer is optionally available. This ensures optimal charging of the laptops and an optimal lifespan of the laptop battery. The timer can be programmed for every day of the week. The timer is recommended if you are going to use laptops that do not switch off after the battery is fully charged.


The Leba NoteCart UniFit is equipped with 4 bearing and rotating wheels, 2 of which are equipped with a brake. This, in combination with the push bars on both sides of the laptop cart, makes moving and maneuvering simple and quick. The laptops lie flat on the shelves, which is the safest way to transport laptops. The cart has rounded corners for safety.


The NoteCart UniFit is standard equipped with a safe lock with a multi-point locking system. Optionally available is the NoteSecure; a metal bracket that is fixed in a wall with expansion bolts. The NoteCart UniFit is placed with the doors in the bracket facing the wall. 2 bolts are slid into the side of the cart and locked with a key lock. This means that the laptop cart and contents cannot be stolen.

The NoteCart UniFit 12 is equipped with overvoltage protection and protects the laptops against voltage peaks. The power supply is also regulated so that the school's power network is not overloaded.

Leba's products are produced in an ISO9001 environment and comply with EN 60950-1 (Safety of IT equipment) and BS 6396 (Electrical systems in equipment in an educational environment) standards.

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