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Use smartphone HUBS USB for charging and / or synchronizing multiple smartphones simultaneously. In addition to smartphone , it is also possible to use other devices to charge at the same time and/or synchronize such as e-readers, tablets and iPods. In fact, all devices that can be charged by using the USB port of a laptop or a USB wall charger can be charged with a USB HUB. The USB HUBS that are only suitable for charging devices are cheaper than the types that can charge and synchronize. Also, the number of available USB ports can vary with each USB HUB. The smallest number is generally 10 but there are also USB HUBS that will charge 20 or 30 devices. Furthermore, it is important to take the maximum payload into account. For devices with smaller batteries such as smartphones or iPods a lower capacity of 800 mA to 1000 mA (1A) is sufficient although these devices can also be charged with 2.0A. For smooth charging most tablets however require a minimum of 2.0A. Devices that are charged using a USB device always have a voltage of 5V.
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