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The smartphone displays alarms are complete stand-alone security displays which have a charge and / or alarm function that is suitable for almost all smartphones. The smartphone display functions as display and is also an anti-theft alarm. The alarm is activated with a seperately available remote. Multiple smartphone security displays can be activated with one remote. The smartphone security displays feature industrial double-sided tape which is used on both the smartphone display itself and the smartphone. Using a hair dryer, the smartphone can be disconnected again from the smartphone display. Single double-sided tape is available seperately. The more advanced smartphone security displays can charge the smartphone so it will not run out of power.We have several specific charging cables available like micro USB (C) or with a Lightning connector. Depending on the model the charging cable can run through the inside of the display.  The smartphone security displays are widely used in retail to have customers try out smartphones without the risk of theft. Also, they are very suitable to use at exhibitions to show the smartphone itself, but also for company presentations or for showing software or apps.
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