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Tablet display security for shops and fairs for protecting tablets against theft. These stand alone displays come with a 2.1 A USB charger that powers the secure display and tablet. A remote control still needs to be ordered to activate the display alarm. A charging cable must also be ordered depending on the type of tablet: iPhone 12 pins, Lightning or Micro USB. The secure display for tablets is secured to the alcohol-cleaned surface using the supplied industrial double-sided tape. The demo tablet as well. The display and / or tablet can be detached using a hair dryer. Spare tape is available through the website. The secure display charges and protects the tablet. The alarm will sound as soon as the tablet is removed from the activated display. This can be disabled with the (coded) remote control. The alarm display is equipped with a battery that keeps the alarm activated, even if the power goes out. There are different types of secure tablet displays in white and black. Some can be secured to the surface with screws.
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