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All Ergo tablet wall mounts. There is a choice of dedicated tablet-capable wall mounts (Fino) or universal wall mounts (Securo and Meglio) for non-standard tablets. There are luxury wall mounts with a plastic cassette (Meglio) and cheaper wall mounts (Securo) available. It is also possible to add various options to the wall mount at an additional cost: - Tilt unit: This makes it possible to adjust the viewing angle of the cassette. - Passe-partout: For the universal wall mounts, passe-partout ensures that only the screen of the tablet is visible and not the edges around the screen. This gives a more beautiful effect. It is possible to provide the passe-partout with or without recesses for the buttons and camera at the front of the tablet. - Hook cable: Optional is a 2 meter long micro USB or Lightning cable available with hook connection. Often the latter is indispensable because there is too little space in the cassette to use a straight plug. The wall mount is available in black, white and stainless steel. A number of Meglio cassettes are also available in other colors. This is indicated by the article. From 10 pieces, other colors are available at an additional cost. If you have any special wishes or requirements or have a very different tablet please contact us. We can make a customized solution for almost everything.
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